One of the projects we have been working on in 2022 is to upscale our classic submission wrestling matches. Previously, upscaling from Standard Definition or DVD quality to High Definition (blu-ray) was simply to just enlarge the pixels. However with artificial intelligence ("AI") we were able to improve the upscaling quality not just by enlarging the pixels but by filling in data to enhance the visual experience. 

For some of the matches, we were able able to remaster them from the original miniDV and Hi8 tapes to restore the quality. We did not increase to 4K at this point from Standard Definition as we felt that the AI engine was not delivering the visual quality we believe our customers will expect and enjoy. Perhaps in the future we will do an upscale from HD to 4K as technology improves. 

We are keeping the prices of these AI-enhanced HD matches the same as their SD. When you download a match, you will be provided with the option to download both versions at no additional costs. Just bear in mind that HD matches are larger in file size, and please ensure that you have sufficient data storage space on your device.