Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Alex Reid

Total Running Time: 26:35
File Size: SD 322.4MB/ HD 1.54GB

Donnie "Brax" Braxton 5'11" 172 20yo
Alex Reid 6'1" 181 18yo

We worked hard to get these two wrestlers to take each other on. We flew Donnie (red speedos) down from Maine and got Alex (green speedos) to take a weekend off from college and fly to NYC from TX. We really wanted this match.

Brax takes Alex to the mat and Alex immediately wraps his legs around Brax for a tight body scissors. Alex has good leverage on his back, but Brax is tough and not about to tap out. They wrestle each other in this hold for at least five minutes. When they start on their feet again, Alex jumps up, gets the same body scissors and Brax has him in the air - SLAM TO THE MAT! But Alex keeps the hold on tight. Great determination.

These wrestlers are tough, strong, good wrestlers and evenly matched. Alex gets the first fall, Brax the second, then the match really begins. Neither wrestler wants to lose. They were both taught to be winners. Great holds, super strong legs on both these guys - they really go at each other. The rematch is planned and will happen - you can count on it.

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