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All Movimus Wrestling matches purchased and downloaded via MovimusWrestling.com contains and actual digital file in .m4v format which is playable with most modern video players, including iTunes. The file will be downloaded and stored on your PC or mobile device. You can watch it as often as you like. It is your responsibility to back up your downloaded purchases as we are not responsible for data loss. We highly encourage our customers to use a cloud service like Dropbox which will enable you to access your Movimus Wrestling matches from any device via Dropbox website or mobile app.  


How can I contact your wrestlers? 

We respect the privacy of our wrestlers. If you wish to contact any of them, the best way is to send us an email and we will forward it to them. 

How can I wrestle for you?

We enjoy having new wrestlers join our team all the time. If you are located within or near the tri-state area or have plans to be in NYC area when we are filming, contact us via our website. Starting in Fall 2016, we will also film in Las Vegas, NC. If you are based on the West Coast, or in the area, feel free to contact us.

We typically prefer our wrestlers to be 19 and above, be in great shape, and have wrestling experience in high school or varsity. 

If you decide you would like to wrestle for us, keep in mind the look Movimus has developed over the years. Movimus Wrestling matches do not do any nudity but we do need our wrestlers to be comfortable in speedo style briefs. 


We do not generally film custom matches due to the production costs involved. However, we will take suggestions to improve our matches. 


We accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and more. As an alternative, we also accept Dwolla. 

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept PayPal since 2015 due to their homophobic response we have received from their company. You can read about the issue here