Connor Flynn vs. Danny Marshall

Total Running Time: 29:02
File Size: SD 352.5MB/ HD 1.7GB

Connor Flynn                      6’1”             178 lbs            22yo
Danny Marshall                   6’                171 lbs            20yo

Connor (silver speedos) is really getting good. He’s training and practicing a couple times a week. Danny (black speedos) is a new comer to Movimus Wrestling . Just recently out of the Army, trained, in shape and strong, Danny loves a real competitive wrestling match. He contacted us and asked for his first match to be against Connor. Danny was totally convinced that he could take down and beat Connor.

These guys are evenly matched and real strong. Both are much stronger than they look and they are both skilled at making another guy tap out. Connor is just a “tuff kid”. He won’t let an opponent get the upper hand. He loves being on top and in control. Danny is real tough too. He’s strong and knows very many moves and holds, finishing moves and holds. At one point, Danny gets a wicked figure four around Connor’s head. Connor struggles, rolls, uses all his power, even lifts Danny off the match and slams him back down, but remained locked in that awesome head scissors until he finally taps. But don’t judge Connor by that one fall. He gets more than his share of revenge.

The rematch between these two evenly matched, young wrestlers is already set up. Connor is working out and getting ready for Brock Hammer. Danny keeps asking Connor how tough Max Anderson is and if Connor thinks that Danny can handle Max. Sounds like a challenge to me !

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