Asante vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 22:11
File Size: SD 264.2MB/ HD 1.2GB

Asante 6'1" 182 26yo
Patrick Donovan 6'1" 166 28yo

Patrick (purple speedos) asked Movimus to set up a match for him with Asante (red speedos). Although bigger and stronger, Asante does not have the skill or experience that Patrick does. But this turned out to be one great wrestling encounter, each wrestler challenging the skill, stamina and power of the other.

After four submissions, the score was two-to-two and the fifth match was to be the deciding brawl, and indeed it was. The first four matches really tested the two men in skill and muscle. Lots of power holds, squeezes, and punishing moves. Each wrestler wanted to see just how much the other guy could take. In the first match, Asante tried a power grapevine which Patrick wrestled out of (surprisingly). But in the third match, Asante put the same grapevine on Patrick, and this time the pain and stretch of the groin was too much for him and he submitted. Patrick tried an arm bar which Asante was just able to power out of, then laugh. Patrick was not too happy about that.

The fifth match is quite decisive ù no doubt who won this one. These guys are serious wrestlers who will take on all challengers. Both are talking about the moves and holds they've learned from each other and want to try on other, unsuspecting opponents. Each is talking about joining one of the NYC wrestling clubs for more action.

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