Timmy Young vs. Monte Cameron

Total Running Time: 31:34
File Size: 384.5MB

Timmy Young                      5’9”        166 lbs        20yo
Monte Cameron                  5’9”        161 lbs       18yo


                Timmy (blue speedos), feeling some confidence after the great match against his older brother, Ben, challenged the way muscular Monte (beige speedos) in another match with the great South African wrestlers. Timmy knew that if he got Monte in his wicked head scissors, it was all over. So that was his strategy. But what Timmy didn’t count on was the power in the muscle boy Monte.  

                Monte easily clamped on a head lock and held it. He wrapped Timmy’s arms behind his back and put on the pressure. He tossed and threw Timmy around until Timmy was forced to tap. At one point, Timmy got a submission out of Monte by twisting his foot and hurting his knee. Monte actually was surprised that Timmy got the submission. Watching Timmy struggle against all that muscle is awesome. Timmy loves a challenge. He’s already challenging some of the other South African muscle boys. If Timmy starts working out, Monte is in trouble, but for now he has nothing to worry about.

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