Barrett Storm vs. Dillon Walsh

Total Running Time: 25:49
File Size: HD 1.48GB/ 4K 4.4GB

Barrett Storm 6’3” 194 25yo
Dillon Walsh 5’11” 191 20yo

We welcomes back Barrett Storm (black speedos) – he’s leaner and tougher than ever. But Dillon Walsh comes back to Movimus about 20 lbs. lighter, more muscular and powerful, if that is possible. Dillon welcomed the opportunity to take on the long, lanky Barrett. These two Texan football players were brought up to be winners, never to give up, and to fight till they have nothing left – and it shows.

Unbelievably, Barrett does a great job of keeping Dillon with his back on the mat, but Dillon is just too strong to let Barrett keep him in any one hold for a long time. Barrett also has some great power, but check out the arms on Dillon. He’s only 20 years old, but it looks like he’s been building those arms for at least 25 years.

Barrett tries using his long legs and really clamps Dillon hard in a body scissors. It’s a muscle stand-off that Dillon wins. Barrett has enough power and uses his height well Only when Dillon gets him in a rear headlock, pumps his python guns, and squeezes does Barrett tap out. But it’s not even close to being over. Barrett is determined not to lose his opening return bout at NHB. But this may be a challenge that he can’t rise too.

Dillon is the new Movimus boy to beat. Many of the Movimus wrestlers are asking to wrestle Dillon. It’s really awesome to see a muscle guy, that big, use his power and speed on a mat. Look for a lot more of Dillon Walsh and Barrett Storm at Movimus Wrestling. 

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