Justin Roberts vs. Brandon Aldrich

Total Running Time: 43:29
File Size: SD 516.8MB/ HD 2.46GB

            Justin Roberts               6’1”       165       19yo
            Brandon Aldrich             6’          165       21yo

            This is one of those love/hate relationships. Justin (green speedos) and Brandon (blue speeds) are fraternity brothers at the same college. Knowing that the results of this match will be all over their fraternity, the pressure is on. Brandon thought he could handle Justin, but he knew it was not going to be easy. Justin has real long, lanky legs that are far from weak. If he catches you in a tight scissors, he doesn’t let go till you tap out. If Brandon gets caught in Justin’s legs, it’s all over for Brandon.

            It turned out that Brandon and Justin are very evenly matched. You can easily tell that both these wrestlers have something to prove. They use their best moves and holds on each other and they both take a beating without giving up. Brandon and Justin use front face locks and put all kinds of pressure on each other. You can see the respect they have for each others ability as each wrestler does his best to keep away from the other guys legs. Long held holds and lots of punishment – is the signature of this match.   You would be hard pressed to find better submission anywhere.   These young wrestlers fight with a vengeance that is not paralleled.   Just simply – SUPER WRESTLING ! ! !

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