Frankie Devone vs. Connor Flynn

Total Running Time: 26:40
File Size: SD 340.4MB/ HD 1.54GB

Connor Flynn 6’1” 178 21yo
Frankie Devone 5’9” 168 19yo

Frankie (brown speedos) is new to Movimus but definitely not new to wrestling. He’s a tough kid who loves a tough match. Connor (blue speedos) is a beginner wrestler but a great athlete. We thought this would be a really good match – and it was, but it is mostly one-sided. Connor has power in his legs like we’ve not seen before at Movimus. He might be considered a “skinny kid” but he has been a track athlete all his life and the power in his hips and legs is beyond belief – and he’s just learning how to use it.

Frankie is a skilled wrestler who finds himself wrestling just Connor’s legs. So Connor uses his arms at will against Frankie. Frankie is valiant but Connor is just too much. Connor learned the “figure-four leg lock” and it’s awesome. Frankie has no where to go. Frankie gets Connor on his back in a head lock and Connor struggles, but uses his balance and length to reverse the hold. Frankie loves the arm bar and tries for it very often. Connor is just too strong and is able to avoid it over and over again.

Frankie tries his best when he gets caught in Connor’s legs, but it takes a lot out of him. Connor is just a strong kid, no other explanation. After all, he beat Max Anderson.


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