Arni Beltin vs. Mustaf Granger

Total Running Time: 44:53
File Size: SD 623.8MB/ HD 2.56GB

Arni Beltin                 5’10”             154 lbs            21yo
Mustaf Granger        5’6”               146 lbs            19yo

MUSCLES! MUSCLES! MUSCLES!Two more wrestlers from South Africa. Thes two wrestlers are not huge, but man are they built. Both have spent hours in the gym and you sure can tell by looking at them. Both have a lot of wrestling experience as well. Arni (blue/black speedos) is an experience submission wrestler. He works out – wrestling- almost daily. Mustaf (black speedos) is also a submission wrestler. Both of these guys are used to winning. They both agree that the best matches either has had recently have been against each other. So Movimus contracted them to go at it.

These guys are not friends, they are purely opponents and competitors. They both have very powerful upper bodies and they are both proficient at wrapping up an opponents arms. Each wrestler have great legs that are capable of making an opponent tap out in seconds. You will tell immediately that each of these guys is doing everything he can to make his opponent tap out. The strain on their faces is evident. The power in each body is obvious. The will power not to tap or give up is overwhelming and keeps this match going to more than 30 minutes.

This is some of the best Movimus Wrestling we have seen to date. These two South Africans will keep wrestling and introducing their body-builder friends to the sport.

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