MJ Walker vs. Bobby Bigelow: Match 3

Total Running Time: 19:35
File Size: SD 167.3MB/ HD 1.13GB

MJ Walker           5'10"     153 lbs.
Bobby Bigelow    5'11"      175 lbs


The Re-Rematch! A Sand Pit match! These two wrestlers need a lot more room with no restrictions. Here are two of the most competitive wrestlers at Movimus. Bobby (red speedos) starts this match slowly, but not for long. MJ (blue stripped speedos) is never laid-back or slow when he wrestles. MJ immediately throws in a chicken wing and vicious choke hold - Bobby quickly submits! But Bobby comes back with a vengeance. He immediately throws MJ to the ground and clamps on a tight head scissors. What an awesome struggle as MJ does everything he can think of to break Bobby's tight, strong, muscular legs. At one point he picks Bobby off the ground, but the head scissors stays tight and Bobby brings MJ back to the ground just to squeeze even harder. That's all for MJ. He knows he's beat and he submits shaking his head in disbelief!

They continue for another 20 minutes and three more submissions. There is a definite and decisive winner, but these two competitors are definitely a great match for each other.  MJ, with all his wrestling knowledge and experience, can't seem to get control of the scrappy Bobby, who has little wrestling experience, but is one very tough kid. This is really technique and skill vs. power and determination. This was supposed to be the deciding match between them (their third match against each other), but we are not sure this feud is settled!

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