Denny Webb vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 26:43
File Size: SD 323.3MB/ HD 1.52GB

Denny Webb           5'11"        164 lbs        19yo
Max Anderson         5'11"        179 lbs        21yo

Denny (black-red speedos) couldn't wait for the chance to wrestle Max (blue speedos). Denny is the smallest Movimus wrestler that Max has wrestled , so Max thought he would be able to take it easy and have some fun. Denny went right at the bigger Max. When Max put a tight head scissors on Denny, the little guy just wrestled right out of it. Denny kept tying up Max's arms and keeping the tough guy from using his power. Denny uses his own head scissors but Max reverses it into a boston crab that really has Denny hurtin'. But Denny is real, real tough. He keeps reversing whatever Max throws at him. At one point, Max is so wrapped up, legs and feet and all 180 lbs of him resting on his neck along with Denny's 165lbs, that You can actually see Max's hand start up as if he would tap out. But he hangs on and continues to struggle.

A wicked head scissors has Max talking to Denny. Max is really in trouble. He never talks during a match. Even Max can't match the skill of this lighter, trained wrestler. Denny just know too much and has great balance. He has been wrestling 12 of his 19 years, and he's still training. Max told us after the match, that Denny's thighs are really , really strong and very hard to escape from. This match lasts 25 minutes with only one submission at the very end. They don't even get off the mat. There is only one take down and the wrestling continues until finally one wrestler taps out.

Max Anderson fans can't miss this one. It's by far his best match so far. Max has much more to handle than he ever thought the would with this tough 165 pounder.

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