David Dakota vs. Tony D'Angelo

Total Running Time: 21:06
File Size: SD 254.9MB/ HD 1.18GB

David Dakota                5’8”       181       31yo
Tony D’Angelo               5’11”     192       31yo

We told Tony (black and white striped speedos) that this was “wrestling” not a street fight. We tried to convince Tony to just wrestle not punch, hit, elbow, knee, head butt, or the like. He says he toned it down but you’d never know it when you see this match. David (black speedos) is one very tough guy who can take as much as he can give or more, and he wasn’t about to be controlled or, worse yet, intimidated by Tony. This is as close to a street fight as you’ll see on Movimus Wrestling. There is no control in this one – it’s even give and take. Both men fight to win, obviously, and at the end, they share the victories.

Who is the better wrestler, or better fighter? Who is the real sinner? Who goes down in the Movimus books as the dominator here? You’ll have to judge that one for yourself. David wrestles until he’s forced to fight. Tony fights until he is forced to wrestle. What an outrageous match up!!! David wants a rematch. Tony wants to do it in private so he’s not bound by Movimus rules. I guess we’ll just have to see what comes next!

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