David Dakota vs. Bart Phillips

Total Running Time: 20:43
File Size: 300.7MB

David Dakota 5'8" 181 31yo
Bart Phillips 5'10" 195 34yo

David (red & black speedos) is originally from Indiana currently living in New Jersey. He is an accomplished wrestler who like to take on much bigger guys. Bart, (red speedos), is originally from Australia. Movimus had been in touch with Bart for a long time, ever since he took a silver medal in the Amsterdam games (losing to Dane Tarsen). These two wrestlers have a lot of experience, both big tough guys who can take just as much as they can give.

The match started out pretty sane and normal, but didn't last that way for long. David is very much an upper body wrestler and knows how to get a submission using his powerful arms to crush and smother his opponent. That is exactly what he does in the first match. Bart is an accomplished all around wrestler. He is familiar with all styles, moves and holds. He proved in the first match that is able to take a lot of pain before submitting. These two smooth wrestlers went at each other for four submissions. The holds are tough, tight and long. The exhaustion on both wrestlers is evident. David's powerful upper body strains with a vicious headlock. Bart keeps trying to get David in his large, powerful legs and David does all he can to avoid them. They both use awesome arm bars, and, at one point, David gets very frustrated after a real painful, long held arm bar.

All Movimus fans that like the more experienced, bigger, tough guys, you'll love this one. These are not two pretty boys rolling around for fun. These are two powerful, big men wrestling (fighting and lots of body punching) and working hard for the submission. It's a real pleasure to watch these two accomplished wrestlers go at each other.

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