Bert Alvarez vs. Joey Parisi

Total Running Time: 15:25
File Size: SD 185.2MB/ HD 893MB

            Bert Alvarez      5’3”       139       28yo
            Joey Parisi        5’6”       168       30yo 

            Joey (black speedos) challenged Bert (red speedos) and actually set up this match himself. He’s from Buffalo, NY, and traveled to New York City to wrestle Bert. Both these guys are experienced wrestler, in good shape, and ready to win. Joey is much more of a PRO wrestler, but he challenged Bert to a competitive, submission match.

            Bert is extremely skilled, as you saw in his other matches, and he immediately started using those great wrestling skills on the less experienced Joey. Consequently, Joey resorted to many body shots, kidneys and gut, and even some biting, which really got Bert mad. The madder Bert got, the tougher he wrestled until he too resorted to some real tough body shots. This is as real as it gets.   They are not friends and they are out to punish each other. This is a real “brawl”.

            Bert too the first fall. Joey was more determined. Joey comes out for the second fall stronger, more rough and aggressive, and totally confident he would win this fall. Bert took a wicked beating as he used his skill to maintain control, but eventually Joey pounded Bert into submission.

            The third fall is final, decisive and an excellent fight! Neither wrestler would submit and they were both very close. Both wrestlers complained of soreness after this match, especially from all the body shots. Great holds: headlocks, awesome head scissors, cross faces, arm bars, all used with a high degree of effectiveness.   We think Joey is going to challenge Bert to a rematch. We’ll see.

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