Axel vs. Carlos Silva

Total Running Time: 14:59
File Size: SD 128.1MB/ HD 828MB

Axel                6'1"        168 lbs.
Carlos Silva    5'11"      172 lbs.

Axel (purple speedos) watched the MJ Walker vs. Magnum Pino match and couldn't believe how good these Brazilian wrestlers were.  He was even more determined not to let Carlos (red speedos) get a submission from him  Axel goes for the first takedown, but Carlos uses his very muscular arms to break out.  Axel brings Carlos to the mat and tries for his inexcapable leg lock submission .  Carlos knows exactly how to get free -- and does.  Axel pushes -- Carlos is off balance.  Axel gets on top. The struggle is hard and long.  Carlos, on his back, grabs onto Axel's wrist and turns getting him into an excruciating arm bar.  Axel won't submit until his arm is totally hyper-extended.  This is the just the first fall.

There are three more tap outs -- equally as rough , tough and long.  Both these worked out, muscular men are focused on winning.  Neither is willing to give up.  Carlos has only been in the USA for 2 weeks, and his best friend is watching the match.  He wants to make a good impression and beat the "American College Wrestler".  Both these guys are good, strong, tough, unwilling to tap out, and in good enough shape to wrestle endlessly.

This is definitely a match for the record books! ! !

Wrestlers: Axel, Carlos Silva, Origins

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