Bart Phillips vs. Nick Fabrizio

Total Running Time: 21:53
File Size: SD 260.5MB/ HD 1.22GB

Bart Phillips      5’10”     195       34yo
Nick Fabrizio     5’7”       190       32yo

Bart (red speedos) from Australia, living in Toronto, came to New York City just to challenge Nick (black speedos) to a brawl. Nick is a real nice, easy-going guy who doesn’t like to hurt anyone but he was psyched about being challenged by a guy with all the experience of Bart. Bart has been wrestling for years and has an excellent reputation as a nice guy but an awesome wrestler who uses any hold possible for a win. Nick was psyched!

Nick is looking more muscled and defined than ever, and he just gets bigger as the match goes on. He uses his power to control and dominate. What he lacks in wrestling skill he more than makes up for in strength and power. Most guys that have wrestled Nick complain that there is absolutely no way out of his headlock.

He uses it all on Bart. Bart tries every wrestling skill, move, hold, and reversal that he can think of, but Nick just seems to keep powering out. When Nick uses his incredible legs around Bart’s chest, you can see the strain on Bart’s face to try to break the hold before he gest crushed. Bat uses all his skill to get control of Nick, but it doesn’t work. Nick is just too powerful, strong, and totally determined to win – which he does – convincingly !   This is a great wrestling match, two well-muscled and determined wrestlers, and a real thrill to see this action.

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