David Dakota vs. Damien Grey

Total Running Time: 12:11
File Size: SD 145.7MB/ HD 669MB

            David Dakota    5’8”       198       31yo
            Damian Grey     6’          186       21yo

            The twenty-one year old Damian (royal speedos) challenged David (black speedos) to a match after seeing David wrestle Tony D’Angelo. Just back from a few months at home in New Zealand, Damian was ready. But so was David -- bigger, stronger and tougher. David has been bulking as you can see.

            Damian just can’t handle the bigger, more experienced David. Even his incredibly strong legs didn’t help him out. He got tied up, squeezed, pushed, slammed and almost completely over powered. He put up a good fight, especially trying to use those super strong legs of his. Damien just got more and more frustrated as David worked him over.

            A shoulder injury (nothing serious) eventually stopped this match. Damien immediately asked us for more instruction on moves and holds, and more practice. “I want to be able to take on the bigger guys” was his comment. We think he will not only challenge the big guys, but he will beat them as well.

            David will be back for many more Movimus matches. He has been getting many challenges from across the country as a result of his first couple Movimus matches.


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