Eric Malley vs. Justin Knolls

Total Running Time: 19:10
File Size: 234.2MB

Eric Malley        5’8”       156       27yo
Justin Knolls     5’10”     152       28yo

            Justin (blue speedos) is a member of Wins Club on Long Island. He contacted Movimus after seeing Eric (purple speedos) wrestle Matt Bauer. Justin is a wrestler and has been wrestling since he was in high school. He challenged Eric to a submission match and had great confidence that he could beat the “Irishman”. Justin was in for a surprise. Eric is strong enough to wrestle 200 pounders and win. Justin wasn’t prepared for that kind of power.

            Eric used his strength to completely overpower Justin in the first few minutes of the match. But Justin was not about to lose. He tried using all his wrestling skill to get he upper hand. Eric kept putting more and more pressure on Justin.   Justin tried to laugh off the power of the tough Eric, and did manage to get a couple real good wrestling moves on him but Eric proved to be just too strong.

            Once Eric started using this powerful legs in all kinds of awesome scissors, it was the beginning of the end for Justin. When Eric turned Justin over and clamped on a head scissors and arm bar, it was “tap-out time”. He took it for a while, even trying to “talk” his way out of those powerful legs, but to no avail. Eric Malley fans will love this one. You’ll see a lot more of both these wrestlers on Movimus Wrestling.

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