Eric Malley vs. Matt Bauer

Total Running Time: 21:33
File Size: 259.9MB

            Eric Malley        5’8”       149       27yo
            Matt Bauer        5’9”       151       30yo

            Eric (green speedos) is originally from Massachusetts currently living in North Jersey. Matt (blue speedos) is a New York City native and resident. Eric contacted Movimus to say that he and Matt had challenged each other. They met at a NYC club and spoke to a couple of the Movimus wrestlers there, and decided to wrestle each other. The challenge was on.

            Both of these guys are gym addicts, as you can tell by looking at them. Both have tight, defined muscles, cut and ripped. Neither was willing to give an inch, at least verbally. When the match started, it was obvious that they were both cautious wrestlers. Probably, there was an un-spoken respect between them. The caution quickly gave way to some very competitive submission wrestling. Watching them both stretch and strain to make the other give up is what makes this match. The longer they wrestle, the more defined each becomes. It is obvious that Eric is the more powerful guy, but, as you all know, submission wrestling is not all about power. Matt has speed and agility on his side, and the vision quest to be the victor. That is his driving force.

            When Eric uses his strength, Matt uses his speed. It is finally Eric’s totally incredible head scissors that gets the submission from Matt, but it takes at least 3 minutes of asking him to give up before he does. Matt, in the next fall, just hangs on till Eric can’t go any more. He really shows who the more determined wrestler is. Eric holds Matt in a reverse cradle for a long time, but Matt just perseveres to eventually get Eric face down on the mat and tapping out.

            This is 2 out of 3 falls and geos the full time limit. You’ll see a lot more of these wrestlers on Movimus Wrestling.

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