Erick Richards vs. Frank Savage

Total Running Time: 25:50
File Size: SD 310.4MB/ 4K 5.72GB

Erick Richards               5’7”`      133       36yo
Frank Savage                 5’4”       125       30yo

In a thrilling encounter that NYC won't soon forget, Virginia's own Frank, clad in purple speedos, finally got his wish to face off against Erick Richards, the seasoned wrestler in blue striped speedos, in the Movimus Wrestling ring. Their encounter, filled with intense verbal exchanges and undeniable grit, showcased the resilience and skill both men brought to the mat.

From the onset, the match was a testament to their toughness and refusal to submit under pressure. Erick's renowned head scissors met its match in Frank's indomitable spirit, as Frank managed to escape with a smile, ramping up the tension. The match reached a critical point when Erick found himself trapped in a sleeper hold, battling to break free before succumbing to a choke hold that tested his limits. The determination Erick displayed, even as Frank tightened his grip, highlighted the fierce competition between the two.

The initial match, lasting 17 minutes, was a showcase of endurance, skill, and sheer will, ending without a submission until a prolonged choke hold finally broke Erick's resistance. Their stamina and wrestling prowess were on full display, leaving fans on the edge of their seats and the wrestlers ready for more.

The second match, shorter but no less intense, concluded in a draw, with both wrestlers securing one match each. This result only fueled their competitive fire, with both Frank and Erick eagerly committing to a rematch. This battle wasn't just about winning or losing; it was about the passion for wrestling and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the spirit of Movimus Wrestling.

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