Jace Davis vs. Tom York

Total Running Time: 19:09
File Size: 229MB

            Jace Davis        5’8”       142       27yo
            Tom York          5’10”     145       24yo

            Tom (blue striped speedos) has been asking us for a match against Jace (navy blue speedos) ever since they met at the Movimus Rec Room. Tom is in real good shape, aggressive, strong and hates to lose. Jace is a lot more laid back, or at least he is when he is not on the mat. Jace has surprised us before with his wrestling ability and his eagerness to win, but he outdoes himself here.

            Tom is totally awesome. He looks good, sports great muscularity for this size, is intense and tough . We would have picked Tom as the winner of this – and we would have been wrong. This is a fierce match. Both guys wrestle, just wrestle. No fists, pulls or anything else in this one. For you wrestling fans (real wrestlers), this is definitely one of our best matches.

            It’s great to watch Tom use his awesome strength and over power Jace often, then to see Jace totally wrestle out of every move and hold that Tom puts him in , is excellent. Jace keeps destroying Tom with his incredibly powerful legs. Tom loses all the matches (five submissions) all to Jace’s legs. All you real submission wrestlers out there, you don’t want to miss this match. All you beginners, this is the match to see.

Wrestlers: Jace Davis, Origins, Tom York

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