Kendo Javitt vs. Tino Bravado

Total Running Time: 38:12
File Size: 463.5MB

Kendo Javitt                           6’             168          18yo
Tino Bravado                         5’8”          148          19yo

Tino (black bike shorts) challenged Kendo ( blue speedos) after watching Kendo and Kaa Nadian. Kendo is a trained collegiate wrestler and the tough kid, Tino, thought he could handle him. This match is give and take the whole time. Kendo tries many moves that Tino just powers out of. Tino is just so strong that he can toss Kendall around the Rec Room, but Kendo is not about to be defeated.  

Kendo figures if he can last against the strength of the “tough guy”, that eventually Tino will tire out. Didn’t happen. Tino kept using his powerful arms and legs to break all the legit wrestling moves used by Kendo. It takes a choke hold to eventually get Tino to submit.

He turns it right around and gets a submission from Kendo early in the second match.   The third match is definitely to a finish. Neither wrestler is about to give up anything to the other. This is real fun. These two wrestlers are friends, but you’d never know it by the way they throw each other around the Rec Room.

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