Roger Bennett vs. Vinny Reno

Total Running Time: 20:45
File Size: 247.1MB

Roger Bennett               6’4”       203       31yo
Vinny Reno                   6’          205       29yo

            This is Roger’s (striped speedos) challenge. He flew to New York City from Texas just to challenge Vinny (purple speedos). He had actually watched Vinny wrestle in the Amsterdam games, and has wanted to wrestle Vinny ever since then. Of course, he had full confidence that he could handle and beat Vinny. He wrestled this match with tremendous confidence. He was able to power out of just about every move and lock that Vinny put on him. He used his long legs to keep Vinny struggling for a good hold. Not only are his legs long but they are strong – he’s been wrestling and working out for years. Vinny soon learned that he needed to watch out for Roger’s legs.

            Vinny is taking every challenge he can get. He’s bulking up and working out for a rematch against Mike Adams. Vinny Reno doesn’t lose to anyone, let along two losses in a row to Mike Adams.   Vinny is looking for good, tough, competitive challengers, like Roger.

            These big guys are both trained wrestlers, knowing all the moves and holds and counters. IT’s a real struggle and challenge for both men. It’s a long match with only on submission. Both these guys go the distance. Multiple arm bars, various scissor holds, cross faces, head locks – and all the other holds. This match has all the wrestling that a good wrestler can imagine. We had no idea who was going to come out on top until the very last seconds of this match.   SUPER MATCH-UP!

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