Swage vs. Kyle Bradford

Total Running Time: 26:15
File Size: 316.7MB

Swage                      5’9"              162             24yo
Kyle Bradford           5’8"              156             23yo

Swage (gray speedos) was in the studio the afternoon that Kyle (yellow speedos) wrestled Tiger Collins and didn’t like the way the "New York Boy" took a beating from the "LA Boy". Swage immediately challenged the smaller LA kid to a match. Even though Swage watched Kyle wrestle, he didn’t realize how strong Kyle really is. Swage wanted to not only win, but also beat the "stuff" out of Kyle. Swage is real tough, as you can tell from his other matches, and he really getting to be a good wrestler. We has been teaching him a lot and it shows in this match.

Kyle is not used to losing. He has wrestled for many other video companies and he has beaten much bigger guys, but this match is one of his toughest. You’ve got to see the strain on these two muscular dudes. As the match goes longer and longer, the two wrestlers get stronger and more defined. Neither wants to lose, so the holds are held and locked for incredible amounts of time. Body scissors and leg locks are just not good enough to make either of these guys give up. They both need to try much tougher holds, and they do.

The intense combat has both guys totally into this match. The fight is real, but erotic at the same time. The pain is written on both wrestlers' faces. You’ll see scissors that crush, cross-face locks that punish, and head locks and scissors that devastate. You can’t miss this match. You’ll watch it over and over again.

Wrestlers: Kyle Bradford, Origins, Swage

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