Patrick Donovan vs. Troy Donaldson

Total Running Time: 20:36
File Size: 406.2MB

Patrick Donovan                 6’1"         163          27yo
Troy Donaldson                  5’11"        165          34yo

Troy (black briefs) was visiting NYC on business from New Orleans when he contacted Movimus for a match. Patrick (teal speedos), always ready for a good match, was glad to oblige him. Patrick began by announcing to Troy that he had not yet been beaten in an Movimus match. Troy was determined to ruin Patrick’s undefeated record, AND HE DID!

Troy immediately showed off his defined muscularity. His very well developed chest and powerful arms and legs didn’t intimidate Patrick a bit. Troy is a wrestler - a good one. He knows just how to hurt his opponent. He obviously has a lot of submission experience. He easily slipped one hold after another on Patrick. Finally, a totally awesome body scissors had Patrick saying "Uncle". Patrick was quick to announce that he rarely gets beat in a body scissors - this is a first.

"Once, and that’s it" says Patrick at the start of the second fall. Troy laughs. Patrick is pissed and wants to fight. His huge chest is totally pumped; his tight, muscular legs stretched and lethal; his defined back and arms ready to do some damage. He now knows he has a real fight on his hands. Troy shows Patrick that he can pound on his gut. The GUT PUNCHING is awesome. Patrick must have had sore abs for a week. For those of you who like two long, powerful men, who know a lot of wrestling moves and holds, this is the match for you.

Patrick takes a beating (especially his gut) but we would not call it a squash job. It’s a real "fight" totally "NO HOLDS BARRED" wrestling -- Patrick Donovan at his best but still getting pounced on. Patrick doesn’t expect to lose and he doesn’t take it "lying down". He is perpetually ready for more - and Troy gives more, and more, and more.

Great match. Patrick Donovan fans, you don’t want to miss this one. we has a renewed respect for Patrick after this match. Troy will be in NYC again. He is already sending e-mail to Movimus with particular requests for his next match. Watch future matches for both of these great wrestlers.

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