Mike Adams vs. Vinny Reno: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 26:49
File Size:  801.8MB

Mike Adams          6'1"      205lbs.      19
Vinny Reno           6'         195lbs.      28

Vinny (in the Red Speedo's) asked for a rematch against Mike, after the major defeat Mike handed him in their first match. Mike (in the dark green speeds) agreed immediately. Vinny was psyched and ready. He asked us for some help with submission holds and practiced in a NYC gym.

He came ready for an all out fight. Mike was prepared not to give an inch. These two guys already had great respect for each other, but that didn't get in the way of an all out fight. They both wanted to win badly, and Vinny had a score to settle. Neither one of these guys are used to losing, and it shows throughout this match.

The match is very one sided with a totally surprising ending. Movimus will not be surprised to see these two muscular monsters go at it again and again. Neither one is satisfied at this point. They both feel like they have a score to settle.

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