Mike Adams vs. Greg Conlon

Total Running Time: 20:41
File Size: SD 247.7MB/ 4K 4.51GB

            Mike Adams      6’1”       215       21yo
            Greg Conlon     5’11”     190       24yo

In an unparalleled showdown at Movimus Wrestling, the arena witnessed an explosive encounter between Greg, fresh from a UFC victory and donned in blue speedos, and the formidable Mike Adams, sporting purple speedos. This wasn't your typical wrestling match; it was a collision of worlds as a seasoned shoot fighter took on a cockier, stronger-than-ever wrestler.

The anticipation was high as Greg, still reeling from his recent UFC fight, stepped into the ring with Mike, whose notorious attitude had recently landed him in trouble at Grand Central Station. The clash was intense from the get-go, with both competitors pushing the limits—and each other off the mat—resulting in the match being halted twice for safety.

This battle transcended traditional wrestling, morphing into an all-out brawl that tested the resilience, strength, and tenacity of both athletes. Mike, utilizing his wrestling prowess, attempted to subdue Greg with an array of moves. However, Greg's UFC-honed skills and defensive tactics left Mike frustrated, unable to secure a decisive victory.

As the dust settled, neither competitor could claim outright dominance, leaving fans to debate the outcome. Greg's ability to withstand Mike's onslaught, despite concerns of a concussion, and Mike's unwavering determination not to submit, made this match a spectacle of raw power and survival instinct.

This match at Movimus Wrestling wasn't just a fight; it was a testament to the fighters' spirits, marking a thrilling chapter in the annals of combat sports. For fans of intense, no-holds-barred action, this matchup between Greg and Mike Adams is a must-watch, embodying the very essence of competition.

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