Christian Londis vs. Marco Talus

Total Running Time: 27:48
File Size: SD 335.3MB/ HD 1.6GB

Christian Londis                   5’9”               148 lbs.         23yo
Marco Talus                          6’1”               178 lbs.         24yo

Marco (pink speedos) couldn’t believe that we asked him to wrestle a guy 30 pounds lighter than him. Marco is undefeated, even had a 30 minute draw against Max Anderson. We told Marco that Chris (orange speedos) is awesome, knows his stuff and is much, much strong than he looks. Marco said “I’ll take it easy on him and make him look good” . Now I was laughing.

Chris is a wicked fighter. He’s awesome strong and knows all the moves and holds. He’s defending against a hold before his opponent even thinks to put it on. He’s really that good. Marco is arguably the strongest wrestler at Movimus Wrestling – but Chris was ready.

Marco easily throws Chris to the mat and the war is on. In less than 30 seconds Marco realizes that he has a real fight on his hands. Marco turns Chris, keeps Chris on his back and still has trouble getting in any kind of hold. Chris’ legs are all over Marco. As Marco pushes Chris’ legs off, Chris brings Marco down with his arms. Marco said “it’s like wrestling with an octopus” LOL. Finally, Chris gets a super tight triangle choke on Marco and it’s all over.

At least that battle, the war is still on. Thirty minutes of battle. Both these guys are great – neither wants to lose – both hang on until there is no choice but to tap out. You’ll watch this match over and over. Look for their rematch.


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