Connor Flynn vs. Christian Londis

Total Running Time: 26.08
File Size: HD 1.5GB/ 4K 5.9GB

Chris Londis                    5’9”          148 lbs          22yo
Connor Flynn                   6’1”          169 lbs         22yo

Connor (yellow striped speedos) couldn’t believe that we wanted him to wrestle a guy under 150 lbs. We told Connor that Chris( black fight shorts) should not be taken lightly, but cocky Connor didn’t believe us. Chris is trained, tough and loves beatin the big guys. Connor told us before the match that there was no way a 148 pounder would be able to take his head scissors. Obviously, Connor never watched any of Chris’ matches.

The first 7 minutes is pretty even – both wrestlers working hard and a good exchange of holds. Chris uses his skill to keep Connor at bay, and Connor uses his power to break most of Chris holds. Chris gets a triangle choke on Connor, but Connor is able to stand up and escape.

More even exchanges and great wrestling till Chris gets Connor in a second triangle choke and this time he’s got it deep. Three times he tells Connor to tap, but Connor, cocky Connor Flynn, refuses and passes out on the mat. Connor wakes up and can’t believe what happened. He’s on another planet for at least 5 minutes.

The match continues and you see some really great moves from Chris, some great power escapes from Connor and when Connor uses those awesome legs, Chris struggles to break free. Arm bars, leg and ankle locks, head locks from all angles, control and brawling – it’s all here.

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