Mikey Hanlon vs. Christian Londis

Total Running Time: 35:36
File Size: HD 2.05GB/ 4K 7.95GB

Christian Londis              5’9”          146 lbs          23yo
Mikey Hanlon                  5’9”          175 lbs          21yo

Step into the thrilling world of Movimus Wrestling with Mikey and Chris, two formidable wrestlers ready to battle it out in the ring. Mikey, clad in vibrant green speedos, is known for his exceptional wrestling skills and unmatched power. Meanwhile, Chris, donning striking yellow speedos, boasts an undefeated record and relies on his MMA expertise and lightning-fast speed.

In this epic showdown, both wrestlers have agreed to unleash all their arsenal, with no holds barred. Mikey's signature move, the tight and powerful head scissors, clashes with Chris's deadly chokes from any position, leaving opponents gasping for air. As the brawl unfolds, Mikey finds himself stunned by Chris's rear naked choke in the first fall, setting the stage for an intense rematch.

With leg locks, ankle locks, arm bars, and a myriad of wrestling and MMA moves on display, this match is a spectacle of skill and strength. Both wrestlers utilize their legs extensively, showcasing their versatility and prowess in the ring. It's a battle of giants as Mikey refuses to accept defeat, while Chris relishes in bringing down bigger opponents, determined to maintain his undefeated streak.

Don't miss out on this incredible matchup between two of Movimus Wrestling's finest athletes. The rematch is already set, promising even more excitement and intensity as one wrestler works tirelessly to even the score.

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