Christian Londis vs. Denny Webb

Total Running Time: 21:09
File Size: HD 1.23GB/ 4K 4.77GB

Christian Londis 5’8” 153 20yo
Denny Webb 6’ 173 21yo

Denny (black speedos) is psyched to take down Chris (black/red speedos). Denny knew that Chris is well trained with a lot of wrestling experience, but Denny figures that his 20 pound weight advantage is going to be too much for Chris to handle. This is one excellent wrestling match. Definitely one of our best.

Denny verbally taunts Chris only to get tossed and pounded. The more he talks, the more Chris gives him a beating. Chris gets the figure four triangular choke. Denny rolls to his back , taking the pressure off the choke. Chris just rolls himself back over to his back and cranks on Denny’s neck. Lights out !
Second fall they spend about three minutes on their feet, each trying to take the other down. As Denny attempts one of his infamous throws, Chris counters. As Denny thinks he’s taking Chris to the mat, he finds himself down with Chris in control on top. Chris puts on a vicious head scissors and squeezes for almost two minutes. Finally he says, “tap out, Denny – tap out”. Denny taps.

A third fall, real tough great moves from both wrestlers. Then Chris really takes it to Denny. It’s as if he just learned how to wrap his legs around Denny’s head. Three times in a row , Denny taps. When Chris gets ready to start the fourth in this series (their seventh match), Denny says “I think you won” and they shake hands. Chris is definitely the better wrestler.

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