Max Anderson vs. Christian Londis

Total Running Time: 26:01
File Size: HD 1.49GB

Max Anderson 5’11” 204 25yo
Chris Londis 5’9” 145 22yo

DAVID vs. GOLIATH! At Movimus, we usually don’t do squash jobs. We hate extremely one-sided matches. We like real competition where either wrestler has a chance to win. That has been our philosophy for 12 years. So, when Chris (blue speedos) asked for a match against Max (pink speedos), we initially said ‘no’. “I’ll beat him, John, I promise. I can take this guy”, Chris told us as he begged for the match. So he got his wish.

A real David and Goliath matchup – Chris is giving away almost sixty pounds. Max took this challenge as a joke. Max saw Chris destroy Denny Webb and even submit once to Jeff Powers. Max told us “I’ll take it easy and make it look good”. What Max didn’t know is that Chris has been training MMA for the past year getting ready for his first cage match.

Max easily takes Chris to the mat early on and stays on top, working different moves and holds for about three minutes, then Chris reverses. You can see by looking at Max’s face how surprised he is that he can’t maneuver Chris. Watch this little, tough guys use his legs to keep Max away. Watch when Chris gets behind and on top – there’s no stopping him. After about 8 minutes, Max just can’t get free, can’t escape, and is caught in a tight front face lock on his back. Chris just lifts the neck and shoulders. Max taps.

Max is now more determined to beat this little guy. Max gets a headlock and reverse cradle on Chris and cranks. Max is sure Chris is going to tap. Chris squirms, wrestles, powers, and escapes. Fifteen more minutes of move and move, great contact, lots of submission holds, but no tap-out. Max escapes the triangle choke at least twice, but not the third time. Check out the look on Max after he taps the second time. He’s not pissed, not mad – he’s bewildered. He can't believe he got beaten twice by a 145-pounder. Max said “he’s got to wrestle Brock” (Hammer).

We’re not sure Max will wrestle Chris again – but we’ll surely try to set it up.

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