Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Christian Londis

Total Running Time: 17:51
File Size: SD 152.1MB/ HD 1.03GB

Donnie “Brax” Braxton            5’11”               169 lbs.
Christian Londis                      5’9”                145 lbs.

Chris (black speedos) is undefeated in all his matches at Movimus.  He rarely loses even just one fall, and he has wrestled some of the best and the biggest guys.   Brax (orange speedos) challenged Chris after seeing him defeat Max Anderson.   Brax is totally confident that he can beat a guy 20 pounds lighter.  Brax is a very strong guy and wrestled all through high school, most recently perfecting many of his skills in submission.  But Chris is awesome. He just doesn’t lose.   Brax gets the first take down and immediately throws on his vicious head lock.   Chris struggles for a long while but eventually escapes and gets behind Brax on the mat.  Chris know exactly what he is doing.  He controls Brax’s head and keeps a leg inside so Brax can’t turn or roll to escape.  Chris stays on top and behind and keeps Brax locked in his strong legs.  These two great submission wrestlers are really working each other over.

Chris won’t let Brax make a good move.   Brax tries everything until till Chris wraps him in a body scissors and rear naked choke.  Brax is forced to tap out !  

Now Brax knows he’s got a real challenge.   But Chris does not let up.   Great moves, Awesome holds.   Chris’ figure four body scissors is practically inescapable.  Brax struggles to get and maintain control.  This is super.  These guys are great wrestlers and this is as tough and aggressive as it gets.   Brax wants this win badly.  Chris is not about get his first defeat.   They struggle and fight as hard as any wrestlers have ever fought on the Movimus mats. 

Both these guys have excellent bodies.  They are strong, agile and extremely tough – neither guy will tap out unless there is absolutely no other choice.   You can actually see the strain, tight and taut muscles, powerful locks and holds.   Wrestling just doesn’t get any better ! 

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