Christian Londis vs. Brock Hammer

Total Running Time: 25:35
File Size: HD 1.4GB/ 4K 5.74GB

Christian Londis               5’9”        145 lbs          22yo
Brock Hammer                 6’2”        218 lbs          20yo

Chris (black speedos) watched the Max Anderson- Brock Hammer matches and totally wanted to wrestle both guys. Brock (pink speedos) showed up at the Movimus gym almost 20 pounds heavier than the last time he wrestled. We tried to talk Chris out of this match, but he was determined.
Just look at the size difference. Chris looks really skinny next to Brock. But Chris really loves a challenge, more than anyone else we’ve ever had wrestle at NHB. He’s more than ready to take down the big Afgan! Brock is one of the strongest pound-for-pound wrestlers we have at Movimus. No one is going to manhandle Brock. He’s real strong and trained.

But just watch Chris. He gets taken down and overpowered, but he escapes, gets on top of Brock, and stays there. Chris keeps his legs so tightly wrapped around Brock that Brock gets totally frustrated. This is really great! Brock wins with an ankle lock. Chris wins with a triangle choke. And so it goes – not even close to being one-sided. Brock is amazed at the power on this 145 pounder. But it’s Chris’ training and conditioning that keeps him in the game.

This is a must see! No doubt about it at all. Chris Londis is definitely the Movimuis wrestler to beat. He is incredibly awesome and getting better !

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