Christian Londis vs. Jim Brennan

Total Running Time: 20:24
File Size: SD 247.7MB/ HD 1.1GB

Christian Londis 5’8” 153 20yo
Jim Brennan 6’1” 185 20yo

Tough Boy Chris (green speedos) challenges the bigger athlete, Jim (blue speedos). Chris is a confident trained wrestler. He only wants to fight bigger guys. After the beating he gave Denny Webb, he thinks he is ready to take on anyone.

He sure does take it to Jim. Chris is fast and knows what he is going for. Jim uses more brute strength. Chris uses the headlock to bring Jim to the mat and then his speed to get behind and try a body scissors and cross-face lock. But Jim is really tall and easily escapes. Jim puts the cradle on Chris, and Chris finds himself all wrapped up by one really strong guy. Chris finally escapes. It’s back and forth, give-and-take for the next 15 minutes, with Chris always coming out on top because of his skill and strength. Very impressive!

At one point, Chris surprises Jim with a nasty ankle lock, and Jim is tapping really fast. Jim gets more psyched and determined, but Chris isn't phased at all. Chris is ready and not about to lose. Both wrestlers fight really hard in the Movimus style and tradition. You’ll see a lot more of both these wrestlers – for sure!

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