Christian Londis vs. Gary Wayne

Total Running Time: 23:51
File Size: HD 1.82 GB/ 4K 5.1GB

Christian Londis                5’8”        145 lbs        20yo
Gary Wayne                      5’9”        175 lbs        21yo

Chris (purple speedos) gives up 25 pounds to Gary (green speedos) and Chris loves the challenge. Gary is no wuss. He is much stronger than he looks and his looks are pretty impressive. He’s been working on his wrestling skills since his match against Jim Brennan and he has learned how to use all that muscle. But Chris is a really tough, trained wrestler and UFC fighter. He backs down from no one and always looks for a tough challenge.

When Gary tries for a headlock takedown, Chris bearhugs him, gets him off balance and puts him on his back. Gary can’t believe how hard it is to get this 150 pounder off him. Chris has great balance and is not going to be turned to his back at all. Chris maintains control with a side mount and clamps an awesome ankle lock on Gary. Gary is wrestling with all his power and muscle and still can’t get the upper hand on Chris.

When Gary finally gets control, he puts one of the most wicked head locks on Chris that we have ever seen on Movimus. But Chris is a patient fighter and not about to tap out. He struggles out of the head lock and tries reversing the hold, but Gary catches Chris by surprise in a real tight head scissors. Chris is now in trouble and it shows on his face. Gary is just so strong that Chris knows if he doesn’t escape right away he’ll be forced to tap out or pass out.

This is a really super wrestling match and it’s not over. Both these college guys are training in submission wrestling and the challenge has been issued. Both have been asking Movimus for a rematch – and they will get it. You can expect to see both these guys a lot more on Movimus Wrestling !

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