Shawn Duncan vs. Kurtis Rivers: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 24:04
File Size: HD 1.85GB/ 4K 2.73GB

Shawn Duncan                      5’5”                    149 lbs.                      
Kurtis Rivers                          5’7”                    132 lbs.

Kurtis (black thong) has been anxiously waiting for this rematch.   Shawn  (blue thong) is a massive powerhouse and a great wrestler.  Kurtis is skilled and hates to lose even just one fall.   Kurtis has become obsessed with beating Shawn.  Kurtis is much, much stronger than he looks and he is much more skilled than Shawn.   Kurtis is consistently working on a plan to beat Shawn.   Shawn is not about to let that happen.

Shawn’s major advantage is his awesome power.   He’s one of the few wrestlers that can beat an opponent in a bear hug.   And when you are only 132 pounds, like Kurtis, Shawn can easily crush you.   What’s even worse is if Shawn gets his super muscular legs wrapped around your waist or chest.   Kurtis knows exactly what to look out for, but can he avoid those finishing moves and holds and get his own muscular body wrapped around Shawn enough to make Shawn tap out.    

Exactly what happens in round one.   Shawn has a super tight front head lock on Kurtis.   Kurtis is moaning and struggling.  Out of no where, Kurtis catches Shawn in a full head scissors.  Shawn squeezes harder but Kurtis’ legs are stretched as straight as can be.  Kurtis keeps moaning in the head lock but he also keeps massive pressure on the head scissors.   Shawn taps out!    AMAZING ! ! !

Shawn comes back with a vengeance – fast and hard.   Kurtis wrestles his toughest and his best but eventually Shawn wins the second fall with a body scissors and front face lock.   So it continues - back and forth – give and take.    Both wrestlers taking a lot of punishment.  Both wrestlers refusing to tap out.   Shawn pushes his muscles to the max – and you can see the strain.   Kurtis uses his phenomenal skill and awesome power to keep Shawn working hard and trying to tire Shawn out.  This is as good as it gets!

The score is 3 to 2!  And it’s not over.   You can bet that these two guys will go at each other again.

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