Shawn Duncan vs. Stephon Michaels

Total Running Time: 28:56
File Size: HD 2.21GB/ 4K 3.29GB

Shawn Duncan 5’’5” 149 lbs.
Stephon Michaels6’1” 194 lbs.

 Shawn (yellow) wanted to wrestle Stephon (blue) as soon as he took one look at Stephon.    “I will beat him” Shawn told us before the match.   Stephon could not believe that he was being challenged by a guy just 149 lbs. but he knew of Shawn’s reputation and he figured it was going to be a tough match.   However, Stephon was totally convinced that he would beat Shawn.  So the match was set and they both came ready for a real tough match.

"It's a nail-biter... Both these fighters know how to fight and how to play the drama of the struggle towards the camera."

Ringside at Skull Island

The initial handshake leads right into a test of strength as both wrestlers work for the upper position while testing the strength and power of the opponent.   Stephon  comes out on top with a full body scissors and head lock that has Shawn struggling to escape.  Shawn is just much too strong to be contained on the mat in any hold.   So Shawn escapes and works his way back to his feet.   Again it’s a power struggle.  Remarkably, Stephon is able to match power with Shawn.   No one has done that yet against Shawn.   As much as Shawn works for his best moves and holds, Stephon shows just how strong he really is by matching power with Shawn and escaping just about every move that Shawn throws at him.

After the first two falls the score is 1 – 1.    They agree on one more “finishing” match and these  two wrestlers walk onto the match for one reason and one reason only  -   to win this match! ! !   So it is no holds barred wrestling to an absolute victory for one wrestler and a total commitment from both wrestlers for a rematch.   They have a lot of respect for each other,  butthey also want to show who is the better wrestler and the tougher guy !

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