Dave Markus vs. Shawn Duncan

Total Running Time: 31:26
File Size: HD 2.39GB/ 4K 3.57GB

Shawn Duncan             5’5”                149 lbs.
Dave Markus                5’9”                171 lbs.

Dave (blue speedos) has been asking for a match against Shawn (green speedos) ever since he first saw Shawn wrestle Evan Turner.  So this is the battle of two very well defined, super muscular, bodybuilders, both also great wrestlers.   Endurance is no problem for either wrestler, but who has the most strength and the most power and who can get the right hold on his opponent to make him tap out – that is the real question.   Shawn takes control first and works super hard to keep Dave on his back.  But Dave is just too strong and too good a wrestler.  Shawn tries for an arm bar, but Shawn just pulls out of it.   Check out the speedo on these two muscle-boys.   Who would have thought all that muscle could be so fast on the mat!

"It's a pulse-racing three-fall contest that's like nothing I've seen... Neither man has had a harder, sweatier, or more energetic match, which is saying a lot, considering the battles each has previously undertaken." 

Ringside at Skull Island

Shawn tries everything and Dave counters.  It’s back and forth with a lot of punishment for a long time.  Shawn clamps on a decent armbar and a head scissors, working for the triangle choke, but Dave just laughs it off and escapes.  Both wrestlers are really pushing themselves to the limit.   Muscles bulging, these guys are trying to win no matter what it takes.    Dave gets behind Shawn and locks in a figure four leg lock around Shawn’s waist.   Shawn is in real trouble as Dave applies a tight cross face looking for the rear naked choke.  But Shawn is not about to let that happen.  Just check out the strained super muscular body on Shawn as he escapes Dave’s tight grip.

Dave has huge biceps and when he clamps a perfect headlock on Shawn, and uses all his body weight to put pressure on Shawn’s neck and head,  you can see the total effectiveness of the hold.   Shawn’s pain is evident on his face and he is forced to tap out.    So the score is now 1 – 1 !

One more fall – one more decisive, well-fought, totally aggressive fall – and one definite winner.   Both completely exhausted wrestlers shake hands and vow for a rematch.   GREAT !   

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