Shawn Duncan vs. Derek Ortiz

Total Running Time: 27:09
File Size: HD 2.07GB/ 4K 3.07GB

Derek Ortiz                 5’11”               146 lbs.                      
Shawn Duncan            5’5”                   152 lbs.

Derek (blue speedos) challenges Shawn (purple speedos).     This is the match of the huge bodybuilder against the “skinny weakling”   -  although Derek may be skinny he really is not a weakling !  Derek is totally psyched to beat Shawn.    The first take down is a total struggle.  Both wrestlers are working for dominance.   Lots of rolling around  and tests of power and strength.  

"Movimus remains the only underground wrestling site specializing exclusively in actual (unstaged) grappling... A very fine match. Derek astounds, but, as always, Shawn wows."

Ringside at Skull Island

Derek finds out early on in this match that he has to keep away from Shawn’s “python” legs.   But Derek manages to get behind Shawn and lock both Shawn’s arms behind his back.   Great move – awesome position.     As Derek applies a full body scissors as well, Shawn really struggles to escape the arms locked, only to find himself in a rear naked choke when he does escape.  Shawn escapes and works to get control of Derek, but Derek is wrestling the best match of his life.   Again he gets behind Shawn with a body scissors and rear naked choke and , this time, Shawn can’t escape and is forced to tap out !    Incredible ! ! !

Derek is not finished with Shawn yet.   He keeps up the pressure and uses great moves to keep the bodybuilder on the defensive through out the match.  This is the most impressive Derek has ever been and Shawn took the brunt of Derek’s great wrestling.  Shawn did manage to get a win here and there, but, over all, this match is all Derek and the big bodybuilder takes a beating !


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