Dave Markus vs. Shawn Duncan: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:27
File Size: HD 1.71GB/ 4K 2.55GB

Shawn Duncan​​   5’5”​​ 152 lbs.​​
​Dave Markus​​​   5’9”​​ 168 lbs.

​Dave (pink speedos) is totally ready for this rematch against Shawn (red speedos) after his decisive defeat in their first match. Dave worked out a strategy and got some technical advice. He is definitely out to win ! He goes right after Shawn and immediately locks in a front face lock and choke. His height allows him to life Shawn so there is not escape and Shawn taps. So now Shawn knows what to watch out for. But that doesn’t stop Dave at all. Dave is definitely one of the strongest guys to ever walk onto the movimus mat and Shawn is about to find that out. Shawn keeps up the pressure and Dave keeps his cool, relaxes and waits for Shawn to make a mistake.

Shawn uses his awesome muscle to keep Dave on his back, but Shawn’s attempts at finishing holds are completely blocked by Dave. Really great wrestling. These two huge muscle dudes don’t hold back at all. You can see that Shawn is having trouble getting Dave in any kind of a really tight or finishing wrestling move. Dave is working for that choke and also the head scissors. Dave knows how strong his legs are and he takes every advantage to use his powerful thighs against Shawn. At first Shawn escapes Dave’s legs, but then Dave clamps on even tougher, along with an arm bar, and Shawn taps again. Dave is definitely much more prepared for Shawn this time !

So it goes – back and forth – give and take. Shawn does manage to get Dave to Tap out – but , over all, this is Dave’s match. Shawn takes more of a beating here than he has in any other match so far. Dave definitely shows his skill, but much more obvious, Dave shows how really strong he is. Both Dave and Shawn are already talking about another match. Dave wants a “World Series Match” ! We will work out some way to get these guys to settle this feud and come out with just one decisive winner !

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