Shawn Duncan vs. Kurtis Rivers

Total Running Time: 25:35
File Size: HD 1.95GB/ 4K 2.88GB

Shawn Duncan                      5’5”                    147 lbs.                      
Kurtis Rivers                          5’7”                    131 lbs.

Kurtis (black thong) challenges Shawn (orange thong).   Two of the toughest guys we have ever had at Movimus, Kurtis is psyched and pumped to take on the power-house, Shawn.  Shawn comes out very tough and determined and it’s not long before he catches Kurtis in a front face lock and body scissors that is simply too much for Kurtis.   But that first loss is just a bigger pump and stimulus for Kurtis.   Kurt is determined not to let Shawn get him to submit again.   The action is incredible.   Kurtis not only counters all the moves that the muscle-boy uses, but he begins to really work over Shawn. 

The action is fast and vicious.  Shawn uses all his power to control and dominate Kurtis – but he is not successful.   Kurtis is a skilled fighter and very, very determined.   Kurtis applies his wicked ankle lock and Shawn is squirming and struggling fiercely to escape.   It’s not going to happen and Shawn taps out !  ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE ! ! !  

Again they face each other and Shawn attempts to use his awesome muscle to overpower and dominate Kurtis.   Again – it’s not going to happen.    At one point Shawn just throws Kurt across the mat to escape a tough hold.  Kurt just comes back tougher and stronger.  Shawn is totally wrestling one of the toughest matches of his life – and he is struggling to keep Kurt from gaining control and getting the win.  But eventually Kurt gets behind Shawn and clamps on a rear-naked choke that has Shawn using those huge muscles to keep from getting choked out.   He can’t do it and Kurt gets another win.

But Kurt is exhausted about 20 minutes to battling the big-muscle-boy and he is pretty “spent”.   Shawn gets control and clamps on a really tight head scissors and massive bear hug.  Kurtis takes it for a long time, but Shawn just keeps a tight clamp and really tight legs around  Kurt’s head.   Kurt moans and groans, struggles, wrestles and does everything he can to escape.   Kurt does get free only to have Shawn on top , clamp on a front face choke and it’s all over.   Score:   2 – 2 and a definite promise of a rematch !



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