Troy Donaldson vs. Freddy Oliva

Total Running Time: 21:27
File Size: SD 257.1MB/ HD 1.19GB

            Troy Donaldson                        5’11”     175       37yo
            Freddy Oliva                             5’7”       164       19yo

            We found Freddy (black runners shorts) working out with a football team at the New York Athletic Club. Actually he was on the mats wrestling one of his football buddies. This teen is incredible, even though he has no formal wrestling training. Once he agreed to wrestle for Movimus, we knew that his first match had to be against an experienced wrestler so he could learn some moves and technique. Troy (red speedos) was the man. Freddy wrestled unbelievably. Very few wrestlers, especially smaller guys, have ever been able to throw Troy around the mat, but Freddy proves that it can be done. Troy even admits that his is afraid to let Freddy get in any good hold because he might not be able to escape.

            At one point, while caught in a vicious bod scissors, Freddy stands on both feet and lifts Troy off the mat, banging his head on a shelf. Troy is impressed, and a little intimidated by the strength of this 19 year old. Troy wrestles a great match, using that awesome front face lock and body scissors to full advantage. That’s his “killer” hold. Freddy fights with all he’s got to escape, and does a couple of times, but eventually Troy gets him to submit.

            The match continues as if it was the first fall all over again. Both these guys are wrestlers as hard as he can to get the win. You’ll just have to see how hard Troy struggles to control Freddy. Troy uses every bit of his experience to keep Freddy from using the scissors. Troy doesn’t take his time or slow down at all. He wrestles this teenage as hard as he would wrestle any guy bigger and more experienced than himself, and Freddy takes every bit of it, keeps coming back for more, and putting some serious punishment on Troy.

            You can be sure that Freddy will get some personal training at Movimus. Look for a much more skilled and stronger “killer” Freddy Oliva in the future.

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