Troy Donaldson vs. Ed Leon

Total Running Time: 18:44
File Size: 200.2MB

Troy Donaldson                5'11"         175 lbs          37yo
Ed Leon                            5'11"         172 lbs          23yo

Ed Leon (red speedos) is a Philadelphia "tough guy" who came to NYC just to wrestle and had not even a clue that he might lose to this "older guy" Troy (green speedos) from LA. Ed is a street kid, living, and fighting, on the dark streets of South Philly. He is tough, but he was in for a wrestling match that he just could never imagine.

Troy began by throwing Ed into a body scissors and reverse head lock and just poured on the pressure. It was all over. Ed couldn't take it, and boy is he pissed! He tries to get tougher and stronger as the match goes on, but so does Troy. Ed takes a real good whoopin and and brings that home to Philly with him.

Troy earned the bragging rights in this match. It's almost completely one sided, not really in the Movimus tradition, but still a great match. Troy is awesome, and really shows his wrestling ability. Ed is tough, proud and not about to give up at all, but Troy changes his mind pretty fast. This is as one-sided as it gets.

Ed promises a rematch, after some "hometown" wrestling lessons. Hopefully, he'll turn to Johnny Romano and the Philadelphia Wrestling Club for some help.

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