Duke Russo vs. Dave Markus: The Rematch

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Duke Russo                             5’9”     179 lbs.          
Dave Markus                           5’9”     176 lbs.          

THE REMATCH!   Undefeated strong-man, Duke Russo (orange speedos) is challenged to a rematch by Dave Markus (blue speedos).   Dave is totally confident that he can beat Duke, something that no one has yet been able to do.  Sporting a brand-new large cross tattoo on his chest and streaks of blond in his hair, Dave shows up ready for the “match of his life”.   “I’m going to beat him – no matter what it takes” Dave told us before the match.   Dave tries a body scissors right off the bat, but Duke easily rolls Dave over and clamps on a body scissors of his own that has Dave struggling to escape.

"If you saw and loved Russo vs Markus last year, you will not be disappointed in this sequel--hot, fierce, curvy, grunting, manly fun."

Ringside at Skull Island

When Dave does escape Duke gets on top and uses his powerful legs to give Dave a long stretch that has every muscle in Dave’s legs exposed and challenged.  Duke wrestles Dave into a triangle choke, but Dave sure is strong enough to take the move and escape – just check this out.   IT’s totally incredible.  Then Dave miraculously reverses Duke catching him in a full head scissors and chin lock – one of Dave Markus’ best moves and holds.  So far no one has escaped from Dave’s head scissors and chin lock.   How about Duke?   Is there any way Duke can take the pressure and pain long enough to escape.   In this hold – some of the very best wrestling action and camera work anywhere.   This is just great !

So the match continues for a full 30 minutes of total action on the mat.  Each wrestler using his best holds on the other.   Duke using is powerful upper body to torture and twist Dave – over and over again.  Dave using his powerful legs to keep pounding on Duke with one head scissors after another.  You can see the massive pain on Duke’s face as Dave does everything he possibly can to get Duke to tap out in his vicious head scissors.   Duke does not want to lose, not even one fall.  Dave is determined to walk off the mat a winner this time.  

Totally awesome wrestling!   Incredibly wrestlers!  Super action  --- and some of the toughest competition you will find in any wrestling , any where, any time!  

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Duke Russo

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