Duke Russo vs. Dario Espinosa

Total Running Time: 12:34
File Size: HD 965MB / 4K 4.76GB

Dario Espinosa                        5’8”     188 lbs.          
Duke Russo                             5’9”     179 lbs.

Total Muscle Wrestlers ! ! ! Dario (black speedos) challenges Duke (orange speedos).    Just check out the bodies on these two wrestlers.   Dario’s power is unequaled!  Duke’s wrestling ability is unparalleled  (he’s still undefeated).   Can Dario use his awesome power to squeeze Duke into submission? 

Duke starts with a front chancery , grabs a single leg and slams Dario to the mat.  Duke wrestles tough and very, very hard because he senses how strong Dario is.  Duke works to keep Dario on his back, but Dario will have none of that.  Duke takes him down a second time -  throws in a body scissors and tries for a full nelson.   Dario just powers out and Duke is amazed at how strong Dario really is.  Duke keeps the body scissors and “cranks” on Dario’s head.   You can see Duke tighten his legs around Dario – AWESOME!

"Even in a truncated match, Russo and Espinosa are as spellbinding as I could have hoped for."

Ringside at Skull Island


Back on their feet, Duke amazingly pics Dario right off the mat and slams again on his back.  Dario gets right up and goes from a front face lock on Duke.  Incredible muscle stretching and straining as these two powerful guys go at each other full force.  They continue at full force both wrestlers doing their best to get the other to tap out.  Dario gets a great – tight triangle on Duke and is shocked when Duke manages to escape.   AWESOME WRESTLING!

"The studs. Their size and power. The hard-hitting action. The storyline. It's not about theater, but there's a serious beefy battle for supremacy here that excites me."

The Cave

Duke is now asking for a tag team match.   He want’s Dario as his tag team partner against Dave Markus and Ray Mousi.  Can you imagine that batlle!   Duke is going to get what he wants!



Duke and Dario are wearing briefs from Delio Diëtz.

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