Nero Angelo vs. Duke Russo

Total Running Time: 23:05
File Size: HD 1.28GB/4K 6.29GB

Duke Russo       5’9” 174lbs
Nero Angelo     5’7” 166lbs.

Nero (blue speedos) has proven to be a real challenge to most of Movimus Wrestlers.  He is very strong, skilled, powerful and extremely aggressive.   His chance to wrestle Duke (red, white, blue speedos) was welcomed by Nero and highly anticipated by many of the Movimus Wrestlers.   Duke brings Nero to the mat early on in the match and goes into his trade-make side control.   He’s very skilled at many moves from that position.   Surprisingly, and quite easily, Nero turns Duke to his back and gets control.  Nero clamps on a reverse head lock and has Duke practically helpless on his back.   As Duke wrestles to escape, Nero wraps his arms around Duke’s waist and rolls him over into a hasty head scissors.   Duke struggles and wrestles tough to escape, but Duke definitely got an idea just how strong Nero is.  

"It's the most enthralling thing I've seen from Movimus in--I don't know how long--it may be the company's best match ever."

Ringside at Skull Island


"What I can say is that I absolutely enjoyed this match a lot... I can believe Joe's assessment that this is Movimus at its best, because it’s exactly what they specialize in."

The Cave

When Dude gets his legs around Nero’s head while on his back, Nero finds himself on the receiving end of a vicious scissors.  From this point on, the match can be either guys win at any time.   IT’s a total brawl.   Great moves, great escapes and reversals.  Both wrestlers take a beating without taping out.   The struggle is awesome.   The budging muscles, powerful locks, total aggression from both wrestlers is incomparable.   There is a winner but this war is just beginning.  You can bet that you will see these two guys go at it again.   Now it’s a matter of revenge!

Wrestlers: Duke Russo, Nero Angelo

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