Patrick Donovan vs. Kyle Bradford

Total Running Time: 18:03
File Size: 158MB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 168 28yo
Kyle Bradford 5'8" 157 25yo

"SUPER, SUPER, SUPER, SUPER ! ! ! " The only way this match can be defined. Patrick (Blue Speedos) is almost undefeated in Movimus Wrestling. (Lost just one match to Troy Donaldson).   Kyle (Hot Yellow Speedos) was in NYC just to wrestle Patrick. He wanted to prove that he could go undefeated at Movimus Wrestling. Even though both these guys are great wrestlers, this match was a "FIGHT". The guy who taped the match said his own gut hurt just from watching these two muscle guys punch, hit, and knee each other in the gut. Half way through the match, both their stomachs were so red it was hard to see anything else. You attention goes right to the "bright red" stomach muscles.

That didn't stop them. The gut punching lasted all 5 matches - yes, 5 totally gruesome submissions. This is truly "no holds barred". Both these wrestlers were sore for 3 days after this match. It was a real challenge between NYC and LA. Patrick was trying to maintain his Movimus record, and Kyle wasn't about to lose his first Movimus Match. Arms and Legs were flying. Scissors, arm bars, head locks, bear hugs, full nelsons, etc. It's all in this one. Great wrestling that will make real wrestlers a little woozy. How they took the punishment is not fathomable. How their stomach muscles didn't just shut down from the awesome beating they both took is unbelievable.

All of you who have any questions about whether Movimus is real wrestling or not, watch this match. It will answer all your questions. The outcome is amazing. Neither wrestler wanted to stop, but the winner is decisive. There can be no doubt who the better wrestler is.

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