Mikey Hanlon vs. Dave Markus

Total Running Time: 24:42
File Size: HD 1.32GB/ 4K 1.89GB

Mikey Hanlon 5’9” 171 lbs.
Dave Markus 5’9” 169 lbs.

Mikey (yellow speedos) only saw Dave’s picture before the met Dave (blue speedos) on the day of the match. Mikey told us later that he thought Dave was over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds.  “I thought I was going to get destroyed when I saw how muscular he is” Mikey told us.   But when he saw that they were the same size, he thought he would at least have a chance against Dave.  As it turned out, Mikey was able to control and dominate Dave for almost the entire match.   Either Dave was not at his best, or Mikey is just too good a wrestler for Dave.   I personally think that Mikey is just too good.   Mikey is simply  “Awesome Strong” and a really great wrestler.   Dave is no slouch - definitely the strongest 19 year old we’ve ever had at Movimus      But Mikey’s skill was just too much for Dave.   And Mikey is actually much, much stronger than he looks.

"The best thing about this match is how its viciousness comes not from not the physical but the mental dominance Mikey exerts over Dave. Mikey won this match by fucking with Dave’s mind from the start, building up the frustration to the point of driving Dave to desperation to finally capitalize -skilfully- over the forced mistakes. "


Still an absolutely great match, Dave struggles all during the first fall.   Just to see all that ripped muscle straining and stretched on the mat in so many different moves and holds in a sight you don’t want to miss.   It was the triangle that Mikey used to get the first fall.  Dave lifted Mikey while in the triangle and slammed him to the mat.  Mikey would not let go.   Dave wound up screaming – loudly – before he tapped out.   Unbelievable!   No other wrestler has even come close to doing that to Dave so far !   During the second fall, Dave got a good head lock on Mikey, flipped him over his back and slammed him to the mat.   Keeping the head lock on tight, Dave tried for the arm bar with him legs.   We didn’t think Mikey was going to escape that fierce head lock, but he hung in there until Dave made a mistake a let some pressure off the hold.  Mikey escaped.  

Don’t miss this match!   Dave’s biggest challenge so far.   This battle is over – but the war has just begun!  


Dave is wearing Thoroughbred trunks courtesy of Prevail Sport.  

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